Remarkable Service

Remarkable service. Danielle Anne Poirier provided great service for the purchase of our CX-5 2016. Eric Tomaro explained everything we needed to know about our vehicle. Thank you so much. 

Other customers satisfied

The Waiting Area is Great!
Chris, my mechanic, was superb, and Sam, the guy at the front, was polite and helpful! Also, the waiting area there was amazing! I got a haircut, there's an internet cafe, gym and snacks! I was really impressed with the service and got my bills paid while waiting.
Great Service From Start to Finish
Great service from start to finish! They are very professional, well organized, and sell good vehicles! Thank you for being the best dealership that I have dealt with in Outaouais!
Overall Great Experience
The service is courteous, professional, and humane. The new seller, Alexandre, didn't try to impress me but instead looked for the answers he didn't have. I appreciate the honesty. There was no pressure on financing with their many plans and guarantees. It was truly a great experience as well as...